Land O' Lakes Tow Truck Professionals


Unfortunately, there are few things more devastating than being involved in a car accident. Whether it be from swerving because another driver cut you off or avoiding an animal crossing the road, even the most careful drivers can find themselves involved in accidents.

Land O' Lakes Towing's wrecker service provides towing and roadside assistance services for both personal vehicles as well as commercial vehicles such as 18 wheelers and buses. We also provide recovery for commercial vehicles that have become stuck on the shoulder of a roadway during inclement weather or other incidents. We have a fleet of tow trucks including flatbeds serving Land O' Lakes and the north Tampa area.

Car smashed after an acident

What should I expect from your wrecker service?

When you choose to use Land O' Lakes Towing, an experienced driver will arrive at the scene. 

If there is another car involved in the accident, our drivers are trained to make sure law enforcement can do their job and investigate what caused the incident without worrying about getting run over by a different vehicle.

Our wrecker service understands that accidents can cause pain, suffering and grief. We also know that there are very few things more expensive than dealing with someone else's mistakes. The last thing anyone wants to worry about after an accident is how they're going to get home or who will pay for all of the damage.

That's where we come in. You don't have to worry about dealing with insurance or having to search around for a reliable tow truck service. We can take care of all of that for you so you have one less thing to worry about in an already stressful situation.

Call your reliable local towing and wrecker service

When you call our 24 hour wrecker service, we'll dispatch tow trucks in the area to bring both your vehicle and the other involved vehicles to nearby garages or auto shops where they will be analyzed by experts who are equipped to determine exactly what happened during the incident.

This allows law enforcement officials to focus on investigating -- not just determining fault -- when there's been an accident. The determination of fault is also something people don't need to stress about after an accident has occurred and we're there to handle it for you. Our flatbed trucks also mean we can easily tow cars from the shoulder of a roadway without causing further damage to the vehicle.

If your car is unable to be towed or driven, someone from our wrecker service will stay with you until another vehicle arrives.

Land O' Lakes Towing does all this because we understand that accidents are never convenient and take a toll on people's lives whether they have been involved in them themselves or had a loved one has been hurt as a result of one. We want to take the stress away from the situation so drivers don't have to worry about anything other than what they need to do immediately after an accident occurs.