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Vehicle lockout SERVICE IN Land O' Lakes

Most of us have been there before – stuck out in the middle of nowhere after locking our keys inside our vehicle. And while some people might have gotten lucky enough to happen upon a friendly stranger that might know how to jimmy open a door just enough so that they could reach their arm through the crack, most people don't know how to break into their own car.  

Hiring a professional locksmith is the best way to get out of this situation, but what happens if you can't make it in time? You could call your insurance provider and have them send someone over, but that could take hours – long enough for temperatures inside the vehicle to rise considerably.

Your best bet would be calling a local tow truck service like Land O' Lakes towing to come out and get your vehicle back open so you can retrieve your keys and be on your way.

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We'll get you back in your car.

The best way to avoid this situation in the future is preparation. For general travel, it's good practice to always have jumper cables, flares and other necessities in your vehicle.

So that you're not stuck without them should you ever get into issues. Keeping your phone charged is also important because it will act as an emergency power source should your car ever die while you were out on the road.

When it comes to locking yourself out of your vehicle, this can be an easy mistake to make. While many newer vehicles have anti-self locking technology if the key is inside the vehicle.

Most older ones do not, so you're relying on yourself to make sure you have your keys with you when you leave your car.

In case you don't, there are professionals who can help you through this frustrating situation.


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