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As we all know, vehicle breakdowns are all too frequent occurrences. While vehicle owners can go about their lives, being constantly on the lookout for signs of problems with their car or truck, it's impossible to catch every little thing.

If your car doesn't start on the first try, if it's making some unusual noise when you change gears, or it's occasionally backfiring or if you smell something burning coming from the engine, it could be just a matter of time before your car leaves you in a pickle.

If your car breaks down while you are on the way to work, these issues may not be as easy to deal with as simply getting a flat tire. ​Luckily, you can count on Land O' Lakes Towing to bring your vehicle to your workplace or home.

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What immediate action should I take?

If your vehicle has broken down and needs towing the first thing you need to do is call a reputable towing service. If you don't, then it can lead to damages that will cost you more money. You may also be giving unsavory people access to your vehicle if they tow it by misrepresenting themselves as a legitimate company. Let's look at some vehicle maintenance issues that may cause a vehicle to break down on the road, and the pros and cons of different types of vehicle towing methods.

If your vehicle becomes stuck after exiting its street-side parking space:

  • Have someone stay with your car so no one tampers with items in your vehicle, which could lead to personal damages or vehicle damages.

  • If you have to leave your vehicle, make sure to lock it and take your keys with you so no one can access your vehicle.

  • Note that some people will try to tow your car without permission, or they may approach you asking for money in exchange for a tow. These individuals are difficult to spot because some tow truck companies work on an unofficial basis.

To avoid being scammed by imposters, contact the authorities if someone is trying to get money out of you who isn't part of a legitimate company. If this happens, there's usually nothing wrong with the vehicle, but rather these people are imposters trying to exploit drivers in need of assistance.

​If your vehicle has a flat tire:

  • If you have a spare tire, change it as soon as possible because the vehicle becomes more prone to breaking down if it's been running on a flat.   

  • Next, call for roadside assistance so you don't have to pay for a tow truck near me or vehicle towing service. You can ask friends and family for recommendations, or you can check online reviews from previous customers who have used these services in the past. Sometimes there are certain things that may be wrong with your vehicle, but other times these issues will just need to be repaired at a later date.        

  • Make sure that before you leave your vehicle unattended; no one is looking like they're trying to tamper with vehicle items or your vehicle itself. If you feel unsafe about it, then ask someone for help who will act as a witness while you wait for vehicle towing services.

If your vehicle cannot drive due to engine problems:

  • If the vehicle is in the middle of traffic and it won't start, then there are several options that can be taken. The vehicle may be towed using flat bed truck using wheel dollies, which are two metal plates attached to both sides of the vehicle's wheels so that it doesn't roll when being towed away.               

  • Another option is winching, which uses cables or ropes to pull cars from their current position after engine problems occur.

  • If your vehicle has run out of gas then call for a tow truck as that will prevent breakdowns and additional damages.

  • Note that vehicle towing services are used for more than just breakdowns; they're also needed when the vehicle will not start due to an engine issue. If your vehicle doesn't have access to power or if the battery is dead, then it may be necessary to tow your vehicle to a nearby parking lot or garage where it can be looked at by professionals in person.        

If your vehicle is stuck in mud:​

  • Allow your vehicle's tires time to dry up before calling for assistance so they don't get damaged. If vehicle items are tampered with while you're away, then it will become more difficult to fix the vehicle problems once assistance arrives.

  • It may be a good idea to ask a friend or family member for assistance before calling for vehicle towing services because it's a stressful situation and sometimes people panic in times like these.