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Land O' Lakes Tow Truck Professionals

expert towing services in land O' Lakes, FL

Our Standard Services

Passenger vehicle being towed

Passenger Vehicle Pick-Up

Perhaps you drove over a sharp object and it's left you with a flat, or you forgot to get your brakes checked, and you're too nervous to stay on the road. Call us!

Commercial vehicle being towed

Commercial Vehicle Pick-Up

If you're driving a work vehicle that's low on maintenance or hasn't been filled with gas and you're left stranded, look no further. Call Land O' Lakes Towing!

Wrecked red car

Wrecked Vehicle ​Recovery

If you're unfortunate enough to be in a wreck and the police haven't already called in a tow company, Land O' Lakes Towing has everything you need.

Car tire being changed

Vehicle Lock Out

If you've accidentally become distracted when leaving your car and locked your keys inside, give us a call and we'll get you back inside.

Battery jump start

Battery Jump Start

If your battery is older and doesn't have enough charge to get you where you're going, or your car won't start, we can come out and get you up and running.

Vehicle being fueled

Fuel Delivery

Forget to check that fuel gauge for a while? Don't worry! We'll spare your blushes with a quick trip out to you with enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station.

Our Specialist Services

Fifth wheel towing

Fifth Wheel Towing

If you need to move your fifth wheel from one site to another, get in touch. We have the equipment to move any size recreational vehicle.

Travel trailer in the woods

Travel Trailer Towing

If your travel trailer is stranded or has mobility issues, we can get it moved for you. Drop us a line today for more information or a free quote.

RV on the road

RV/Motorhome Towing

We have towed many motorhomes and motorized RVs that have broken down to get repaired, no matter how remote. Sometimes life happens.

Box truck

Box Truck Towing

If you rented a box truck from a commercial vehicle rental company and it's broken down, call us up and we can get it to where you need it.

Abandoned vehicle

Free Abandoned Vehicle Removal

If you have an abandoned vehicle on your property or on a friend or neighbor's property, give us a call and we will come and remove it free of charge.

Junk vehicle

Junk Vehicle Removal

Yes! We will even come and remove old junk vehicles that have been abandoned for a long time and have become an unsightly nuisance. Give us a call!

Boat being towed

Boat Hauling

We can transport your boat to and from wherever you need it, including long-distance. If you need to get from Tampa back up north, ask us for a quote!

Blue semi-truck being towed

Semi-Truck Towing

Yes, we even have the capacity to haul large semi-trucks - because they break down too. Wherever you are, drop us a line and we'll come get you back on the road.