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RELIABLE Fuel Delivery SERVICE IN Land O' Lakes, FL

"Just a few days ago, I was driving on the highway when all of a sudden my car jumped and shuddered before it started to lose speed. My heart sank as I realized that I had forgotten to fuel up which meant that there was no more gas in the tank."

Sound familiar?

One of the most frustrating things about having a car is being left stranded without gas by either running out of fuel or forgetting to fuel up. This will leave your vehicle immobile on the side of the highway, where it could be hit by passing traffic and incur even more expenses.

​To avoid this outcome, increase your chances of getting back on the road as soon as possible after you run out of gas, use Land O' Lakes Towing's mobile fuel delivery service to get back on track.

Additionally, sometimes drivers may choose to forego filling up their tanks with gasoline because they are worried about fuel efficiency. But if you look at overall costs (such as paying for all potential damages caused by driving a car on empty), it's actually more affordable to get fuel regularly, whether you can afford gas or not.

In addition to delivering fuel directly from the pumps at your favorite gas station to your vehicle, Land O' Lakes Towing also offers a variety of other services for stranded motorists.

Land O' Lakes Towing fuel delivery service

What to do if out of fuel?

If your car runs out of fuel on the road and you don't have a

roadside assistance plan, the next best thing is to call for a towing service. Most towing companies offer both emergency and non-emergency services for cars as well as heavy duty trucks like oil tankers, buses and semi-trucks.

If your car is stuck on the side of the road, call a towing service company with a fuel delivery service such as Land O' Lakes Towing.

If you have no gas in your tank and you are stuck by the side of the road, there are two things that could happen. First, you might be able to push your car to safety off of the highway or busy street. This depends on where you are - if there is an incline or decline, it might make pushing easier or harder depending on which way your car is facing. To avoid being hit by passing traffic, stay inside your vehicle until someone stops to help you.

Secondly, if someone stops to help they might decide that it's not safe enough for them to push or pull your car out of traffic. In that case, they might call a tow truck from a local company such as Land O' Lakes Towing to come and tow your car somewhere off of the road where it can be parked until you've had time to get repairs done or buy more fuel.

Call your reliable local tire swap-out service

In some cases, if you don't have roadside assistance service on your policy, you'll need to decide whether going back into your vehicle is worth the risk before calling for a tow. This decision should be made carefully because it could leave you stranded there overnight or longer if nobody stops to help you. You could run out of gas again if someone tries pushing you and then decides it's too dangerous. If you do decide to risk it, call ahead and tell the company that you'll probably need them to tow your car if someone can't push you.

Your best option is to avoid running out of gas in the first place by filling up when your tank is half-empty or before it's nearly empty. If you run out of fuel during crucial commuting hours when waiting for a tow might cost you more money than buying fuel at an expensive service station would - opt for calling the nearest 24-hour service station and getting fuel there instead. You can also carry cash on hand in case you do end up stuck without a credit card.

In most cases, getting towed to a service station is cheaper than getting towed to a mechanic. Of course, if you are unsure of your area or the company that you're calling, it would be best to call ahead and ask about the cost of fuel delivery as well as how much they charge for emergency roadside assistance.

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